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دوره آموزشی عنبیه شناسی
Consultation in traditional medicine
دوره آموزشی مفرد اعضا

Benefits of Traditional and Herbal Medicine

Treatment with traditional medicine

همکاری بین دانشگاه بین المللی نورث وست و آواطب
Collaboration between Northwest International University and Avatebb

آواطب تفتان

Traditional medicine…

Traditional Iranian medicine is an alternative to medicine, which is based on the principles of treating medicinal plants and ancient methods based on four temperaments .This kind of treatment includes the medical aspects of traditional knowledge that has been developed more than the present generation in various societies before the modern medical age. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines traditional medicine “the totality of knowledge, skills and practices based on indigenous theories, beliefs, and experiences in a variety of cultures, albeit explicable or unusable, for the preservation of health.” Traditional medicine acts as a science in preventing, diagnosing, improving or treating physical and mental illness. In some Asian and African countries, up to 80% of the population rely on traditional medicine for their basic health needs. Traditional medicine is often considered as an alternative to medicine when it is accepted outside of its traditional culture. Types of traditional medicine in the world are: Traditional European Medicine (TEM), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM), Traditional African Traditional Medicine (TAM), Ayurveda, Sida, Unani, Iranian Medicine, Medicine Islamic, Muti and Ifa. However, the World Health Organization notes that “the inappropriate use of traditional drugs or the individual methods used may have adverse or harmful effects” and further research is needed to determine the efficacy and safety of several methods and medicinal plants used in systems Traditional medicine is essential.

About AVAtebb

The AVA Collection has started its activities since 1392 in the field of traditional medicine and has managed to step up the stage with the trust of the Almighty and the perseverance of the personnel and enjoy the satisfaction of the traditional medicine practitioners. Different courses in the field of traditional medicine with the help of the professors and experts of this The fan has been organizing and on 25/9/1395, according to the ability of the virtual space (telegram), a group has been set up under the name of the market for traditional medicine practitioners, which is still considered to be the largest community of people living in traditional cure medicine.

This collection has been able to get the confidence of the professors and artisans of different fields in the field of traditional medicine.


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